I just wanted to say a special thank you. I have heard from several people today on how much they enjoy reading this blog and how touched they were by what we have written. Likewise, Bu and I are also touched by your kindness.

We started this blog as a means to express our thoughts about our moms: the lessons we have taken from them and the loss that we have felt. We consider this a place to our honor our mothers and all that they have done for us.

So far, we have two followers: they are (a:) not related to us and (b:people we don’t even know!). (I know that Random House is just chomping at the bit to make this blog a book!)

Often times, this blog is just a means to express ourselves for our own sake.

So the fact that you come and check us means a lot.

So this post is for you.

You matter. And your relationship with your mom matters–even if she isn’t physically here. I hope you find some comfort in the words you find here. Or that they put a smile on your face.

Big hugs to you.










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