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And So It Goes: Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

In starting this blog, I hoped that people could come together and share their Mom stories–whatever they may be. I have tried to do so with my own Mom. I know Bu has done the same with hers.

The thing is: in spite of the thoughts I have shared, the advice I have given–being without my mom is so hard.

I am deluged with emails from florists ($30 for 30!) and limited last-time offers.

And all I can think about this week is the Mom Dreams that I have. Where I wake and am overcome with such sadness.

I have a hole in my heart that cannot be filled.

I think about our last Mother’s Day where all she wanted was Pot Belly. And I got her the Tarts from Yankee Candle.

She LOVED those Tarts and bought more, which I still have.

Mommy, I know we have no more Mom’s Days together–except in my heart.

I love you. Moosie