Joan was a loving and devoted mother, sister, and friend to many. Her lovely, gracious, and gentle demeanor charmed everyone who crossed her path. Born and raised in Chicago, IL Joan spent the majority of her life exploring the world. Joan was an incredibly hard worker who spent over 20 years working in the travel industry. Her career furthered her love of travel and allowed her to spend time in various locations across the US as well as in the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. She frequently spoke of her next adventure! Joan also possessed a keen intellect and had an avid interest in history, world affairs, and current events. She was a wonderful cook and enjoyed making and sharing traditional Thanksgiving dinners with recipes that belonged to her mother. The greatest joy in Joan’s life was the relationship she had with her daughter, Brandy Michelle. Together, they referred to themselves as “best friends” and often traveled together. Both lovingly cherished their days together – usually spent laughing and talking. Befitting their close relationship, Joan’s final moments were spent in the arms of her best friend.

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