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An oldie, but goodie

It is easy to be creative early on, and while we are still early on for THIS year, I am several YEARS into the Elfred phenomena. I am trying to keep it fresh and avoid repeats… Until last night. Oh well, the spawnlets did not seem to care and enjoyed Elfred’s spot once again.

Still loving Elfred.



Heeeeere’s Elfred!

After a two day hiatus, easily explained away by blizzard conditions at the North Pole, Elfred returned in dramatic fashion. He’s in a precarious spot as my husband is 6’4″ and could easily accidentally touch Elfred when walking by. The kiddos have already warned their dad. In fact, the eldest spawn told him that if he touched him he’d be kicked out of the house (the husband, not Elfred). I love the comedy of kids creating their own rules!

While it may be difficult to see, Elfred is zip-lining in our kitchen.



It’s Elfred time!

Today was the first snow of the season. The spawn played outside for hours and loved it. I experienced the first mommy fail (of the day) when the youngest spawn’s snow boots were no where to be found. I immediately cued up amazon prime and the new boots should be here in two days. In the meantime, I went old school and put zilploc bags on his feet before I sent him out in his tennis shoes. You can call me mother of the year.

The kiddos are now asleep and so Elfred is on the move. Tonight’s locale will be more difficult for them to spot, but since Elfred hid on the pendulum last year I’m hoping it is not too much of a stretch. I am also hoping that school will be canceled tomorrow… But I’m pretty sure I’m only going to get one of these two wishes.


We have been TP’d!!

I have been seeing people’s naughty elf posts and am inspired. In fact a friend at work has an extremely naught elf with a “dark side.” How dark? I gave him advice where to buy an easily melted Barbie. It’s something to keep in mind for she the kids get older. Lol.

On Friday night Ellfred TP’d our Christmas tree. I awoke Saturday to the sounds of giggles and utter enjoyment over his antics. The spawn have made an agreement that they only look for the elf together. So once one is awake, they are all awake.