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An oldie, but goodie

It is easy to be creative early on, and while we are still early on for THIS year, I am several YEARS into the Elfred phenomena. I am trying to keep it fresh and avoid repeats… Until last night. Oh well, the spawnlets did not seem to care and enjoyed Elfred’s spot once again.

Still loving Elfred.



Heeeeere’s Elfred!

After a two day hiatus, easily explained away by blizzard conditions at the North Pole, Elfred returned in dramatic fashion. He’s in a precarious spot as my husband is 6’4″ and could easily accidentally touch Elfred when walking by. The kiddos have already warned their dad. In fact, the eldest spawn told him that if he touched him he’d be kicked out of the house (the husband, not Elfred). I love the comedy of kids creating their own rules!

While it may be difficult to see, Elfred is zip-lining in our kitchen.