Elfred’s return

My oldest is eleven. He is on the fence whether santa is real or not, but he whole-heartedly believes in our elf on the shelf– thus far. He saw some boxed elf-on-the-shelf at Target tonight and i explained that not all people just get an elf, sometimes they have to buy one at Target so Santa knows they have not received one and that family wants one. Then Spawn one says,” so kind of like adoption?” Yes, kind of… At least for this year.

It makes me sad that his world of wild belief is starting to dwindle. That his blind-eye love of make believe is about to cease. I only hope that while his might stop, that he does not share the secret with everyone else, including the younger spawn. I recall some “this is how to tell your kids about the real santa” on pinterest. I will have to see if I can drum that up.

With no further ado, Elfred returned last night. I had prewarned the kids that they were a little older so finding Elfred might be tricky (and that i had read somewhere that Elfred gets trickier each year to make it more fun), so i was not surprised when i woke up to silent movement throughout the house. The first words I heard uttered were, “is he in your room?” “No. Did you check downstairs?”

The spawnlets were very worried Elfred had forgot about them. Of course he hadn’t, so I asked spawn #1 to check the fridge to see if we needed more ketchup as I was running to the store after work and was not sure if we needed some. He opens the fridge and says, “no, we are good on ketch… ELFRED!!”

What happened next melted my heart. My three spawnlets circling the refrigerator door catching up with elfred. Spawn three told him he was in second grade; spawn one told Elfred what he wanted for christmas; spawn two asked Elfred if he knew she had her ears pierced. SO DARN CUTE i could barely contain myself… And i got a picture of it.




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