Funny Girl: Let’s Keep Laughing.

I have always been a Joan Rivers fan. I was a daytime fan of hers and would regularly watch her show during college.

And although I didn’t appreciate the stand-up of Joan Rivers until I was older, I always felt a kinship with her and her daughter. After all, our mothers were both  Joan, and we were both only children.

And I know for sure that my Mom and I would have had a hit E! series. We just had to find our niche. (Much in the same way my dad and I are working on our fantasy football team.)

What I loved about Joan Rivers was her ability to take the things we shouldn’t laugh at and make them funny.

Because let’s face it–we’ve all been there.

Who hasn’t been there? A wedding, funeral, performance review?

A few months after my Mom died, I was talking with a former colleague of mine. Like me, she had lost a parent at a (much) young(er) age.

I don’t remember now what prompted the discussion, but I had my Mom cremated, and we discussed the possibility of turning some of her ashes into a diamond.

And since shortly before I lost my Mom, I lost my Beloved Theodore, we discussed how I should have practiced taxidermy and had him stuffed.

(I envisioned Rowdy from Scrubs and had all sorts of ways that I could strategically place Teddy.)

We howled. Just howled.

Shortly after that conversation, the show My Strange Addiction showed a woman who ate her husband’s ashes. (And full disclosure here: I don’t make light of that.)

And that set us off again.

Sometimes, in the worst of situations, you find the humor in them. (Like when I was so upset at my Grandma’s funeral, I knocked off her clip-on earring and tried to dig down in the casket to find it.)

Thanks to Joan (Rivers) Rosenberg for always reminding of that.

And to her daughter, Melissa. Thinking of you, dear girl. We, at Askourmoms, are holding your heart closely from two daughters to another.


Meme and Bu


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