Holidaze Part 1

Here we go again!!

As the holidays approach, things get crazy!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you are getting a lock on your holiday plans. As you can see, Elfred has made his appearance this year, and I know the spawn of Bu are terribly excited.

Thanks + Giving: pre-game

This year I deviated a bit from Thanksgiving tradition and decided to brine my turkey. I’d never done that before. And I’m sure my Mom had never done that before, so I felt most awesome and Martha-like.

This zen-like state, however, did not prevent me from calling my BFF in a state of panic:

Meme: Hey What are you doing?

Bu: I’m making pies. Kids are playing. What are you doing?

Meme: Okay. I’mcompletelyfreakingoutbecauseI’mbriningtheturkey. WhatifIaddtoomuchsalt?

Bu: It’s fine. You’re funny.

Meme: Okay. I’m calmer. But I just covered the bucket with foil. What if a wild animal breaks into the garage and eats my turkey?

Bu: Your back-up plan was wine and frozen pizza. It’s all good.

Bu: Hello?


Bu: You need to get a new phone.

Thanks + Giving: Game Day

I do not come from a huge family, and most of my family does not live close by. Often times, growing up, Thanksgiving included just Mom and me. This year, that little family was just my Beloved and me.

This is what I learned for next year:

The bucketh for the brineth will keepeth. Bring forward the turkey thus. And NOT vice-versa.

It’s okay to experiment with tradition. That’s how you make new ones.


Black Friday, Bitches

I never do Black Friday. There’s nothing I need so bad that I have to stand in line for hours. That’s why God invented Amazon, amirite?

Mom and I used to peruse the paper, but that was about it.

This year, we celebrated Black Friday because I dragged my Beloved to chop down the annual family Christmas tree–for which I have a nice barometer of tree-ness. It goes like this:

Beloved: You’re not dressed warmly enough.

ME: It’s not REALLY that cold out. Besides, I have my UGGs, and I look cute.

(One hour later)

Beloved: What about this one?


Beloved: Okay,no. You’re right. There’s a hole in that one.What about this one?

ME: %H%H%HRIU####

Beloved: I think you’re right. Okay, your ear is about to fall off. Let’s go.

Sparky, is There Room for the Angel?

Christmas decorations up!!


May your days be Merry and bright!!




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