FYI- Something to consider when you’re “elfing” is the difference in height between the little spawn and the adult spawners.

When I came downstairs this morning the kids were mad that Elfred had not come back.


I assured them that Elfred would not leave, that he had to be around the house somewhere, and asked them where they had looked.


Thus began the Q&A of hiding places –
Me: the pantry?
Them: Not there.
Me: The curtains?
Them: Not there.
Me: The bathroom?
Them: Not there.


I know he’s in there so I tell them to look again. Still nothing. I tell them look up. Still nothing.

Silly me, in an attempt to ensure he would not accidentally get baptized in the commode, pushed him further back on the cabinet and the kids couldn’t see him at all. And here I thought I was so clever. Lesson learned.

So tonight Elfred is hiding out in the brush on their eye level. The first picture is of the whole tree. You’ll notice some of my mom’s ornaments on the tree. The pink gingham bear was a particular favorite when I was young.




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