Even an elf has to go…

The kiddos were super excited to see Elfred had returned. The oldest awoke with a start and made the initial discovery (somewhere around 5 am), then quickly awoke the other two. They devoured the extra candy canes and then set to the task of making Elfred his very own Christmas stocking (PSA to parents out there- black sharpie marker does not come out of wood so make sure to leave said markers out of sight).

The rest of the day every time the kids passed by Elfred, they gave him a quick shout out. When I moved my computer to within inches of him, all three kids individually asked me to be careful not to touch him. They are completely into the fantasy of Elfred the Elf.

MY children are getting older, and I am keenly aware that the childhood belief and joy will soon fade. They know that some of their friends do not believe, but they hold tight to their own beliefs, for now. So this year I am soaking up every moment of this with them.

Back to Elfred… He did a lot of fun things last year so I want to try to include some new things this year too. Tonight I decided that even Elfred deserves some time in the bathroom. It certainly will not be the first place they look!




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