Mom 2.5: Shipping up to Baltimore

I have had the wonderful opportunity to visit my Bu for an extended stay: an amazing birthday party, a visit to the American Girl store, and the train museum with three of my favoritest little people.

Naturally, when we get together, talk turns to our moms: recipes, etc.

One of the things that occurs to me as my world has shifted is that her home is probably the closet I will have to “going home.”  Her BFF comes to pick me up from the airport–with a Diet Coke, no less.  We have driveway happy hour. My H-I-L reviews some paperwork for me. I cheated on Duchess with another dog, got to take part in an ad-hoc wedding reception for  a lovely female couple: history in the making.

And the day before I left for Maryland, my mom came home.

Meme:  (calling Bu): Hey.

Bu: Hey!! What’s up?

Meme: It’s Mom. Matt brought her home.

(We have a quick discussion about the greatness of Matt.)

Bu: Okay.

Meme: Okay.

Bu:  Where will she go?

Meme: Downstairs for now.


Going home brings many joys. I bring my knitting. I bring my gossip. I bring my love for my littles.

And when I’m home, I get to try family recipes. )

“For there is no friend like a sister. ”



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