Christmas Reflections

It has been three Christmas seasons without my mother and it is still hard to wrap my head around her absence. This year I was able to celebrate with many of mom’s relics and ornaments, making her seem closer (I picked up her things last May). I told stories of each ornament and it’s history to my children and they appreciated the tales and stories, as their memories of Nana Cat are growing faint.

One of the ways I tried to incorporate mom into the holidays this year was with Elfred, I also tried my hand at wrapping like mom. She perfected the art of seamless wrapping and created bows that Martha Stewart would envy. She owned several present wrapping technique books and even more bow wrapping books which helped in her present creations. Mine were not as glamorous, but seeing them beneath the tree warmed my heart.

Another way I tried to incorporate Mom into the season was by making my children’s Christmas dreams come true, like she did every year. Hearing their ooh’s, aah’s and giggles MADE the holiday season brighter. Seeing their delight in their presents– both in those they received and in those they gave — was awesome. My mother ALWAYS included everyone in the gift giving, even if we weren’t aware.

Now I am busy cleaning up the holiday mess and working on thank you notes (another mom tradition). My holidays will never be the same without mom, but I am blessed with a wonderful husband that makes all of my dreams come true, and three amazing children who have generous, big hearts like my mother.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with your families. Hold tight to the memories you make, take lots of pictures, and always end the day with “i love you.” You never know when the last time you say something will be.

See the picture below? Do you see a crease? My mother would be so proud!



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