Elf on the Shelf, the (almost) final post

How sad am I to see our beloved Elfred return to his home in the North Pole. As a family it has been an exciting, daily joy for all of us. I have enjoyed watching the kids talk to him, search for him, and enjoy him. Elfred has brought additional Christmas spirit into our home.

Now, I realize that Elfred is supposed to return to the North Pole tonight. I get it. Santa drops off the toys and picks up the Elf, but I’m a sap and my kids want one more day… so since it takes an entire day to deliver all the gifts around the world, Santa can swing by and pick up his friend as he travels home. This will allow the kids one more chance to love Elfred, and the bonus of actually touching him for the few hours before he leaves.

This is the letter Elfred has left:

December 25th, 2012

Dear Riley, Lyndie and Joe,

I have had so much fun being a part of your family for the last month. You guys sure have a lot of fun around here. Sorry for any messes I made along the way. Guess I got caught up in the fun too!

Because you all have been so good to me, Santa Claus has allowed me to stay a few extra hours after all the Christmas magic has happened. He’s going to pick me up on his way back to the North Pole after his last delivery. I hope you have enjoyed all of the presents! I know there were lots of them because I told Santa what good children you are!

Lucky for us, Santa will lift my magic until he picks me up on his way back to the North Pole. Until he comes, it is okay to touch me, hug me and kiss me goodbye, just be sure to share me between all three of you and, whatever you do, don’t leave me on the floor and let Izzy and Abby eat me! When you are finished with your goodbyes put me back on the Christmas tree and I will find my way to the North Pole.

I can’t wait to see you next Christmas season. Be on the lookout for letters from me this year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love, Elfred

Ps. Enjoy these presents that will help you keep track of the time until the next time we see each other!


Farewell, dear friend. Thank you for the joy you have brought us all.


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