Elf on the Shelf Day 24

Yesterday was the office Christmas party. While this may be commonplace for most of you, this is my first office party since starting my family 9 years ago. It was a low key affair held at a local establishment. There was a great turnout by people I’ve not had the opportunity to mingle with outside of the work space. The food was great, the drinks flowing, the hours flying by… and you have to know what this means… I came home, crawled into bed and FORGOT TO MOVE THE ELF. It’s becoming an epidemic and, quite frankly, I am wondering if this is the start of early-onset senior moments. Good grief, I hope not.

With an “OH NO” I woke up with a start at 4 am. OF COURSE I went downstairs and my eldest was already awake. He informed me that Elfred had not moved. I informed him that it was because he had not slept long enough (I’m quick on my feet sometimes). So I puttered  around in the kitchen getting some water and quietly moved the Elf before I headed back upstairs to sleep. By the time I woke up several hours later, the eldest had seemingly forgotten the mishap (WINNING).

But there was another sweet Elf moment this morning from my youngest. I caught him talking to Elfred. He was telling him how much he was going to miss him (commence collective “AWWWWWW”). I love his innocence and his heart. Mom always said he had a big, sweet heart and she was right.Elf on the Shelf Day 24


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