Elf on the shelf day 15

Awoke after a mere 5 hours sleep to three super-excited kids, pleased with their peppermint garden bounty. Though Christmas trees are a bit harder to ingest because of their shape and the kiddos lack of desire to crack the trees, all three licked and tasted their way through the day. At one point the eldest stated, “I really like North Pole dirt.” Lol

Elfred, as you recall, was solo in the tree after the trees sprouted. When I awoke, his girlfriend, Rapunzel, was in the tree with him. This didn’t fly so well as I have a lot of fragile ornaments in the tree ( thanks, Mom) and her hair winds its way around EVERYTHING. Luckily I was able to remove her from the tree without incident and without yelling (mother of the year right here).

So what to do tonight. I honestly need some creativity. IE SUGGESTIONS WELCOME. I initially put Elfred in the curtains solo holding three candy canes.


But as I climbed the stairs I caught a glance at Rapunzel and doubled back. Honestly, girlfriend is in need of some new clothes and a good hair brushing, but I didn’t have time for that. So, up she went, arm around her beau. Kids will love that they are together and the candy canes will be left tomorrow night for their enjoyment.




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