Neil Diamond Rocks!!

I’m actually in the middle of another post, but decided to STOP THE PRESSES because I wanted to talk about my unapologetic love affair with Neil Diamond.

Last night, he performed here in St. Paul, and I eagerly attended  his attendance with the enthusiasm of a 15-year old seeing Justin Bieber.

(Not that I could recognize a Justin Bieber song.)

(And, sorry, Justin: I give you five years before you’re performing at Grand Casino Mille Lachs.)

The thing with Neil is that people give me shit–sorry Neil–obviously, not everyone has taste–about my unabashed Neil love. As a 38-year old woman, I get comments: “What are you, 80?”

So let us circle back to last night: the Neil crowd is certainly a kinder, gentler concert-goer type of folk. Those of us in Neil t-shirts nod to one another in a certain kind of Neil solidarity.

And then the show started.

🙂 YAY Neil!! (Sorry to the older couple next to me–I  probably yelled in your ear the entire time.)

When I was seven-years old, I saw Neil in concert. It was my first concert. I wore my very favorite white dress with the navy polka-dots. I got to stay up past my bed time. I went to Rosemont Horizon in Chicago, IL. I was with my mom, dad, and grandmother.

When the lights dimmed and the concert started, I was entranced. “Forever in Bluejeans” came on, and that was that.

I will always love Neil That Much More for getting me out of a half-day of second grade.

When my Beloved bought me Neil tickets back in 2008, you had thought he had procured the Hope Diamond.


When I lost my mom, I lost some of my joy. Just the joy of being.

And now in 2012, for the third time, I am back again. Hanging out at the Xcel Center smiling the whole time.

Neil is green kool-aid, playing freeze-tag, capturing frogs and lighting bugs, and feeling the love of family. Neil is about listening to “Cracklin’ Rose” and having contests with my friend, Katie, and who looked cuter sleeping (me!) okay (her!). Neil is about the time when I loved “Love On The Rocks” and had no idea what it meant. And about those pesky flowers. And how no one brings them. Anymore.

And the love of his grandmother in “America.” (Which brought tears to my eyes.)

Neil transcends. He is the Tune.

He brings some of that joy back.


Little girl in that Polka-dot Dress


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