My mother was an amazing cleaner (one of her many hidden talents). When I was growing up there was never a speck of dust ANYWHERE. The clothes were always clean and put away, the carpets vacuumed, the silver polished (I was a key help with this)… NEVER was there a ring around the toilet. The woman knew more about cleaning products than anyone I know. She had a list of rules for doing laundry (all of which I follow to a tee — and they work). I can hardly remember seeing my mother make a meal or clean anything, but it was always done. I would love to ask her what I am doing wrong?

She had three children. I have three children.

She was worked inside the home. I work inside the home.

Her homes were immaculate. My house is a MESS.

How did she do it? Where did she find the time?

Only one of many questions I wish I could ask…


2 thoughts on “WWMD

  1. It’s because of you that I know about adding Pine-sol to my towels (which I haven’t done in a while). 🙂

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